Great Internet Resources For The Hockey Fan
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Great Internet Resources For The Hockey Fan

Where does the fan of the NHL or any other hockey league find accurate and up to date information on the internet? Listed here are four of the best on the web today.

Available information for the hockey fan has changed so much in the past few decades with the invention of the World Wide Web. Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the typical newspaper would print the NHL standings most days of the week but often late games were omitted until the next day. Scoring statistics were printed once per week and usually only included the top twenty players at most. Weekly media like ‘The Hockey News’ provided more in-depth info.

Today, there are infinite numbers of websites dedicated to every aspect of the game. Sites update scoring instantly and transactions are known to fans almost instantly. This information is not limited to just the National Hockey League, either. Every level of hockey in every country around the world is included in this info blitz.

Out of all the available sites, which can be relied on for the most accurate and up to date information? Which can be relied on for accurate historical information? Other than the NHL’s official site ( and the internet presence of Canada’s national sports network TSN (, what follows are four important sites that are a wealth of both current and historical information on the game of hockey. If you can’t find it in these sites, the player didn’t exist or the event didn’t happen!

Elite Prospects is a site originating in Sweden and is contributed to by 76 members throughout the hockey world. Elite Prospects is an incredible database of players at any level in any league in the world. The database is not limited to current players, either. The home page features current transactions, rumours and contract extensions. Each of these is backed up by a link to a confirmation article.

HockeyDB is the original internet based hockey player database. HockeyDB is a database of players and teams that is easily navigated. The database goes as deep as North American junior ‘b’ stats and the player stats go back to the origins of hockey as a professional sport. In regards to lower level leagues in Europe, Elite Prospects still does a better job than HockeyDB. This site is also one of the few out there that still tries to make a buck off annoying pop-up advertisements. actively keeps the memory of the World Hockey Association alive. The WHA existed from 1972 to 1979 as an alternative professional league to the NHL. In the end, four teams from the WHA merged with the NHL: Edmonton Oilers, Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordiques and Winnipeg Jets. The site has extension information on the history of the league as well as current plans for player reunions and even possible resurrections of the league. The most valuable feature of is the video archive.

Legends of Hockey is an off-shoot of the Hockey Hall of Fame. The site is full of articles and stats on every player enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame. The site also features games, trivia, information on non HHOF players and in-depth feature stories.


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